Improve Your Photography Classes (IYP)

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The Photo Arts Club of Toledo presents its annual “Improve Your Photography” seminar. If you want to go beyond shooting snapshots and start creating photographs, this seminar is for you.  Appropriate cameras include Digital SLR’s, mirrorless and point and shoot cameras that have the capability of non-automatic modes (manual, shutter priority and aperture priority).

Classes are held on 5 consecutive Tuesdays at 7 PM at the clubhouse, check the website for the dates.  You can send an email to with inquiries. 

Week 3 is a hands-on evening putting together everything covered in weeks 1 and 2. Location to be determined.

For more information contact Jack Myers (

There must be at least 6 students for the classes to be held.

Note: Camera and manual is recommended for all sessions.

Week 1 - Camera 101

In this session you will explore the basic menu items and how to navigate your way through them to get to the settings you need. You will learn how to change your white balance, flash modes and different shooting modes from automatic to manual and some of the different scene modes.

Week 2 - Exposure 101

In this session you will learn how lens apertures, shutter speeds and ISO inter-relate in a properly exposed photograph. We will explore the various metering modes and the pros and cons of using different equivalent exposures.

Week 3 - Hands-on evening

In this session we will have 5 stations set up with different subjects, lighting and composition to utilize those things learned in the first two sessions.

Week 4 - Composition

This session will demonstrate techniques for controlling the contents of your photo, to raise it beyond a snapshot, by increasing its impact, and keeping the viewer's attention where you want it.

Week 5 - Editing your photo

Learn to use Photoshop Elements to do basic editing to improve on “what the camera shot”.

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