January 2024             Weather, Clouds, Lightening, Wind and or Snow

February 2024           Print: Black & White

March 2024              Light Fixture, lit or unlit, make the lamp, chandelier or fixture be the main subject of the photo

April 2024                 Abstract

May 2024                  Toledo Zoo

June 2024                 Through the Window

July 2024                  Churches

August  2024            In Your Backyard

September 2024       Print: Roads, Paths, or Trails

October 2024           Mother Nature Over

November 2024       Occupation

December 2024       Must be taken in a Toledo Metro Park

January 2025            Long Exposure

February 2025          Black & White

March 2025              Print: Sunrise/Sunset

April 2025                 Reflections

May 2025                 Pets

June 2025                 Print: Architecture

July 2025                  Crystal Ball Photography

August 2025             Doorway(s)

September 2025       Macro Photography

October 2025            Barns

November 2025        In a garden Flower, Vegetable, or combo

December 2025        Urban Decay

January 2026             Bokeh

February 2026           Black & White

March 2026               Print:  Rule of Thirds

April 2026                 Food Photography








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