Monthly Competition Assignments

Competition Rules

October 2022 Just Mother Nature, nothing man made in the picture
November 2022 Repeating Pattern
December 2022 Column(s)
January 2023 Wild Animals
February 2023 Black & White
March 2023 Mechanical item or parts of
April 2023 Beams of light, Natural or man made
May 2023 Shot of glass in any form or function
June 2023 Depth of Field, show F stop, in or out of focus, Bokah
July 2023 Street Photography
August 2023 Macro Shot
September 2023 Arch(es)
October 2023 Waterfall(s)
November 2023 Barn(s) old or new
December 2023 Trees
January 2024 Weather, Clouds, Lightening, Rain, Wind, and or Snow


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