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Our purpose is to provide educational opportunities to members and the public. We strive to assist members in improving their photography skills.

An associate organization of the Toledo Botanical Gardens, the Photo Arts Club of Toledo has a continuous mission of unsurpassed photographic education to the membership and the public by furtherance of the eye, mind, and the camera through diversity, exhibition of interests, and fellowship. Participation may be performed through special interest groups, monthly digital or print competitions, presentations by guest speakers, workshops, mentoring programs, a public annual photography contest, photography improvement seminars, club outings, volunteer opportunities, and social events. As a civic organization, the Photo Arts Club of Toledo is open to all regardless of experience and interest.

How do I become a member?

The question is thus: how do YOU wish to be a member of the Photo Arts Club of Toledo? How much are you looking to learn and grow with your passion of photography? What does your experience of being a photographer mean to you?

The journey begins with paying the annual dues and participating in the club activities. We invite you to attend one of our meetings and bring a friend.

Please feel free to contact us or call us with any questions. (See Organization/Officers & Board Members for contact information)

How much does it cost to join?

Dues are $50 for a single member - $20 for students under 18.

How do I join?

Simply fill out the following form and send it in with your dues to the address specified.   Click here for Membership Brochure

Do I need a camera or need to know how to operate a camera to join?

No. The Photo Arts Club (PACT) prides itself in welcoming the beginner as well as the advanced photographer. If you are interested in photography, but don't know where to start, the PACT is a great beginning. You will not only learn the operation of the camera and have the opportunity to explore yourself and your vision, but will have a chance to see many different cameras from the simple (point-and-shoot) to the advanced (DSLR).

For beginners, the club offers an annual Improve Your Photography course, typically a five-week long duration in the Spring. Through lectures and hands-on workshops, you will be learning a multi-dimensional approach to photography that will better improve whatever your interests may be.

Where is the clubhouse located?

We are located in the village section of the Toledo Botanical Gardens on Elmer Road. For the easiest route, take Olympia Road (rather than the main Garden entrance) and follow it to the parking area. Our clubhouse is located directly on the left corner and is a brown-colored building. You may also refer to the Driving Directions and Toledo Botanical Garden map, which is linked on the bottom of the page.


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